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Almost all items are in stock and can normally be delivered anywhere within a week, mostly in 1-4 days.

Please contact us about our shipping costs for our standard products. Note some smaller towns are considered rural. If you are in any doubt which area you fall into, please do not hesitate to ask, or check for your locality on this comprehensive PDF list from NZ Post:  Am I rural?

More specifically, we use Post Haste for our courier-size items and often PBT for our Prowite Projection™ retractable screens. Check your whether your exact address is rural:                               

Items larger than 1.8m long OR 1m high will normally need to be dispatched by furniture truck rather than regular couriers, which will often affect delivery time and costs.

Remember, our products are highly visible when installed and often fragile, so you or your customers must always open and check them thoroughly on delivery, before signing anything.

Let's discuss how we can help with your specific requirements.

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